MediaProbe – API to get the mediainfo of media files

Media Probe is a video information fetching tool which can be used to extract the metadata of video. The media probe analysis each and every frame of the video and generate meta details about the video. The metadata contains all the meta information of the video file. CloudEcho systems have developed Media probe based on the AWS cloud technology so that it is available 24*7.

Media probe work on videos that are stored in an s3 bucket and the user needs to provide a signed URL of the video file as the input of the media probe API. When media probe receives the signed URL it starts extracting the media information user can track the process and receive the output from the job ID created for the process. This helps users to process large files in large numbers at the same time.

CloudEcho systems have designed this product to help large scale media companies in getting the media metadata. We could serve a large number of users with minimum cost with the latest AWS technologies as we are one of the best AWS service providers in India and the UK.

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